Tuesday, 19 January 2010

B is for Books and borrowing. You can read about everything.

O be amazed that art and wire
Can so artfully conspire
to reveal that part of man
Which himself he cannot scan!

It's not just about X-rays.
This alphabetical sample of apparently benign ABC books from all cultures and times contains more than this by Joyce Dennys in 1916.

or T for torpedo.   Spanning informal sketches to highly designed prints and photography, the transitions reveal extraoridinary cultural shifts as well as some interesting art work.  
Enough to keep cultural and political studies people mulling, let alone illustrators.
I nearly missed  Zola in a 1900 English parody of  Hoffman's 1845 Struwwelpeter
"Z is Zola, see his rage,
Look at him on this very page..."
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