Thursday, 11 February 2010

Back in London, back on the plot

Back to my own work at last, though not at home. Weeks of driving  (Senlis to Paris and then across the Channel)  and running in the other sense,  for the SCBWI Bologna Book Fair symposium and showcase illustrator events in March.

All this in-betweening takes time. Am I  dissappearing into the in-between?  Any volunteer will know what I mean.  But there's always the pull -  the excitement over kids book obsessives like me, converging from across the world to meet in Bologna especially in the old town, at night.

Now, surprisingly at a table looking over a London street, I'm back on a story line, moving only across paper -  a welcome change... 
And another brief diversion -  this phone snap I took later last year, when wandering around the wonderful Oxford Blackwell's.   Heartening to see my book in my favourite bookshop. Odd it was under Hobbies and labelled 'Art Appreciation'.
Art Appreciation -  I ask you!  Sounds so precious.
The Big Book of Shapes, like the Big Book for Little Hands, is not about art or appreciation.  It's about action - a book to draw in, with story pictures to complete for fun and as freely as any small hand can and wants to...And that's that! Glad it was on offer.  Hope someone small might enjoy it.  If anyone can reach up that high to that shelf.
Now better get back to that plot!
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