Saturday, 30 April 2011

Big bow wow for this great blog!

This review makes me want to buy Mini Racer.  What am I saying?  I'm the illustrator.  Oops!
Okay so if the review was for sale, I would buy it.  Violet describes my pictures in words. Not many people can do that. Not many people count how the owls there are.
Violet certainly has a power.   And her friend Morzant likes snails, like I do.  
She also says
"Here is a list of who will like this book
Readers who like to race.
Racers who like read.
Readers who think a car makes a good snack.

If you are not on this list of people who will like this book, don't feel bad.
You can find other reviews on this wonderful  blog by Bigfoot and his Crytpic pals including Violet.
I've never had the pleasure of meeting them but I'm so glad they are online.  And I like their pictures too.
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