Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The first Summer Solstice Scrawl Crawl in London

I moved a car load of stuff to our little London house last Friday.  It broke down as we got to London in the pouring rain.  I must have broken the record for how much you can fit into a teeny Citroen C1 and the fan belt went.  All mended now.
Yesterday, the longest day, I cycled from our new home near Brick Lane to the South Bank, near Waterloo Bridge  to meet the British SCBWI illustrator coordinator for a day of walking and sketching along the Thames and into the City.  
What a great way to re-connect with London!   
We chatted and worked and stopped at cafés along the way to blog snapshots of our drawings to others across Europe - all thanks to Kirsten in Germany and Tioka in Paris and the Summer Solstice Scrawl Crawl blog they set up for SCBWI members to post on.  Some of my own sketches are here and here
It's great to share processes and see just how different we respond to similar things.  And as I said on FB, it's a little like yoga - you stretch in ways you forget about when you're bent over your regular work.

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