Thursday, 1 July 2010

It's raining snails!

Just got a big box of my bath books from French Editions Tourbillon.   Anyone out there who'd like a snail bath book to review or play with?    My bath ain't big enough!

Petit Escargot is an old French rhyme.  I showed Snail playing hide and seek with his friends, the ladybird (another back to show off!),  and a ant, carrying a strawberry.  Why a strawberry?  Well aside from matching the colour of all their loads,  I see now there's also an ant bearing a strawberry in Ann and Paul Rand's  book 'I know a lot of things'.  It must have imprinted itself on my memory.
Their wonderful timeless book was published the year I was born and it's been recently reprinted by Chronicle

My spongy Snail book has with it,  a larger than life blow-up snail. 
They couldn't add tentacles on the blow-up shape.  In the book I drew the eyes on the end of the tentacles.  That's where snail's eyes are.  It also meant I could hint at a smile in the head shape between in eyes...

Bath books are screen printed - so a limited number of colours -  but I wanted to avoid the usual red, yellow, blue combos...   It was a pleasure to work with Tourbillon.  I love their beautiful books for toddlers - designed with respect for new - and used -  eyes!
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