Tuesday, 15 February 2011

It's official. Mini Racer is rolling & being devoured...

Woke up my computer today to happen upon a-once-in-a-lifetime feast of a review
for a picture book I've mentioned before but which is officially launched today with Bloomsbury US and UK.


I've never met Jama but I'm so glad to have discovered her Alphabet Soup blog about two great creative obsessions - kid's books and food.   Hilarious to discover whole new drama enfold in a kind of afterword,  when Little Ted tucks into a 3D version of my Mini Racer mouse's cheese car - in real cheese (don't miss that picture!)

I'm sure Mini Racer author  Kristy Dempsey, Jama and I would have such fun planning a Mini Racer party for a bunch of kids - of all ages...
Anyone want to book us?
If not I'll have a go in Photoshop when I've more time.  (Happen to be buying a house this week!)

Following Jama's real life lead, in addition to my drawings, I'd bring a few more bits and pieces to play with:

 - a French "Langue de Chat" for Snail's skateboard

 -  a British Cadbury's Flake chocolate log for the Racer Owl family to ride on.

- some spare tyres

-  and we'd get rolling on top of some wide tape with road markings and all.  I must thank Paris-based illustrator friend Jeanne de Sainte Marie  (who, incidentally, started off in automotive design)  for this great gift.

According to the label, this Road tape is called : A Path to the Future.  
And it continues:  "This Tape will enhance any package and expand your enjoyment of life".

What a great start!