Monday, 25 February 2013

Making tracks - Senlis, Paris, then Dulwich Books, for World Book Day

Exciting things happening on the work front,  and several deadlines have meant no time to blog in the last month... No excuses, and now it's Mini Racer time again.

Later this week I drive from London to Paris via my old Senlis home. I'll be running some story and book making workshops for 4-8 year olds in the Victor Hugo Bilingual school.

Only a short pit stop in France, as I'm due back in London next week, to give another workshop for children on World Book Day at Dulwich Books, on Thursday March 7th at 11am.  Award-winning Dulwich Books  is celebrating 30 years of business. Read all about it here! on pages 16-18  in the glossy magazine, Living South including this interview with me.

In short, I'm making tracks all over shop - brooom brooom!