Thursday, 20 October 2011

My Munich SCBWI picture book workshop -this weekend Oct 22-3, 2011

This weekend I'm off to give a nice, slow 2 day stir of a big cauldron of creative juices.   
If in some way my own stirrings can help some other illustrators get a story down,  and help writers see spaces for illustrators on the page  - I'll be happy.  We'll have plenty to cook up, at any rate.  It's also very exciting also to be bringing together SCBWI Germany members,  with some illustrators from the German Illustratoren Organisation EV 
and from the Austrian Illustria.    Thanks to the brilliant young German illustrators and SCBWI members,  Constanze von Kitzing and Andrea Offerman (whom I mentored at the SCBWI Los Angeles conference in 2010)  for helping us expand the network of child-minded creators across Europe.  That sounds weird  - but we know what we mean!   And biggest thanks - in advance - go to the generous and talented illustrator and coordinator Kirsten Carlson and Donna Weidner RA of SCBWI Germany, without whom none of us would be heading to such a great looking place.