Thursday, 3 December 2009

Snail pace

I just finished illustrating Mini Racer,  a kid's book about a race where I decided a long, long time ago that the snail wins.  The author Kristy Dempsey kindly left all the character choices open to me the illustrator.   I normally meet deadlines.  But this was over a year overdue, more.

Bloomsbury UK/US have been very understanding. My mother died and my son was very ill and I was channel hopping between my daughter continuing school, back home in France and my mother's house near London and my partner's part-time London flat.
There was a lot to sort out.
Including an old studio full of my artist-illustrator father's work. He worked almost every day of the week, almost every month of the year, until he was over 80 - a lot of pictures to take stock of.
But at last, picture by picture, the web site about him which I had promised my mother before she died, is now up.

My son is, fingers crossed, well on the mend.
And  picture by picture, the two very different picture books commissioned way back by Little Hare and by Bloomsbury US/UK are now done.  I'll talk about them more one day.  I better update my own website too one day.

For now, enough that my snail  finally crawled, slithered and skated to completion, leaving behind him a lot of work on eleven fellow mini racers, among them gas-guzzling crocs, a high, haughty giraffe that gets stuck in her SUV, an owl family on a trunk, cats on a cycle, a seal on a wheelchair...

Barely had my snail passed the post, than  I get a commission for a bath book in limited colours, from a nice French publisher Tourbillon, for another snail.  Pourquoi pas?
My first bath book.
And a more graphic snail is now on the menu.
I crawl slowly into any work and into this blog. Patience!  Here are first sketches...

and a second roughed in photoshop

Below is an alternative snail.  More clumpy but stronger, more bath-like, perhaps.
Choices, choices.  Which do you prefer?  Maybe I'll find some more in my garden.


Sara said...

I like the one with line drawn leaves because of the beautiful juxtaposition of color and line.

Dana said...

Hi Bridget,
Really lovely blog post. I enjoyed looking at your drawings. Your snails are fun. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Roy Stafford said...

I agree with Sara. Hope you're well, you sound it

bridgimage said...

Thanks Sara, Dana and Roy for your feedback - back to the work on the snail now. I'll slide along with new gusto :-)