Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The snail's progress

The French national children's book fair, the Salon du livre de Montreuil always blows a small whirlwind through my studio.  I come back with new books and catalogues and leaflets about kids books and receipts with little time to focus on them and sort.
This year I was drawn to several stands  like a kid to a sweet shop, intrigued by a flush of interesting colour schemes and playfulness.  The first stand that attracted me by happy chance was Tourbillon.  Loved their adventurous novelty books.  Particularly a little  bold black, white and red board book by Xavier Deneux, Mon Cirque which played so cleverly with windows and surprises.   http://www.editions-tourbillon.fr/spip.php?article239

As luck would have it, they were the publishers that contacted me to do the little bath book about the snail.  I had said yes, without realizing how much I'd like their books.    It's only 5 spreads.  As it's to be screen-printed on plastic, I can only use 5 pantone colours.  Refreshed by the Salon,  I moved on from  my previous snails posted. 
Not sure what the art director will say but at the top here is an inside spread  of the snail, before we get to his 'house'. It's quite a developed rough.   And here's my rough cover ( back and front on the right) for the bath book which shows the snail's progress since my first post.  Does it look like it's raining?  I've got puddles on the last page...


LS said...

Love your snails! Slow but sure. Seems like a good way to go.

Rachelle said...

Hi Bridget - I really like the snail book! Lovely movement in your compositions. (p.s. If the baby's bath water is too hot, will one end up with a pot of gumbo?) Best wishes - Rachelle