Monday, 24 September 2012

Characters, characters

A decade, several books, many illustrations and many more characters ago, I was commissioned to illustrate a little hippo for a story by Margaret Wild. He upped and left my studio and is still going strong in a book, plodding around his corner of the Savannah.   

In illustrating my most recent English book, Mini Racer, I came up with twenty characters in twelve odd little vehicles, each making their odd little way to the end of the race.

This year there are just two characters that won't leave me alone.  I've written several stories about them - more to come.  
High-energy Tiz and low-energy Ott  draw, paint, dance, build...
They play apart and sometimes together.   And they're getting more confident with a bit more color in them now.  
When will they up and leave the studio?  
Erm, perhaps before they go, they'll bake me a cake for my birthday?

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